Sunday, June 23, 2013

Late Rasheed Hasan Khan

All those who are anyway connected with Urdu , SHAHJAHANPUR  or Urdu Deptt. Of D.U.  know about Rasheed Hasan Khan though they would have never seen him in person.He left us on 25th.Feb.2006 at the age of 81 years. Some interesting informations which I collected from the ,Parakh aur Pahchan , by Syed Mashhood jamal are as follows. I know these would be of interest to my friends.

1. He studied in Madrsa Bahrululoom from 1934 to 1939.
2.At the age of 14 , he got employment in Ordnance Clothing Factory.
3. In 1946 his job was terminated due to Trade union activities, at that time he was Joint Secretaty of Union.
4. In 1949.  Ustad in Arbi Madrsa Faizaam.
5. 1952 to 1959 Urdu Persian Teacher in Islamia Inter College.
6. August,1959 Research Asstt. In DU
7. Retired as Research Associate from DU in December 1989

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Shakil Akhtar said...

I met him once, in his house, in 1981, with his nephew(bhanje) and my friend Masood Hassan Khan.I found him very composed and kind.